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October 15 - November 1, Level 3, 50 Manners Street, Wellington 

For The Beneficiary’s Office Tao Wells established a public relations company Wells Group ( Setting up office in vacant space on  Manners Street, Wellington The Wells Group argued that the average unemployed person causes less harm to others and the planet than many employed people.

"The average carbon footprint of the unemployed person is about half of that of those earning over $100,000,” says Wells.

“Surely, an advanced society would see us work less, and enjoy the benefits of unemployed time. We need to work less, so we consume less.”

Over the project’s duration The Wells Group entered into some creative debates with politicians, policy writers and variously employed citizens. Images, television items and other documentation can be accessed from this page and The Wells Group website

Wells also presented as a performance accompaniment the theatre show Inuit Time with actors and a script but no rehearsals at Fred's music venue in Wellington's Frederick Street. 

Tao Wells' has created performances and temporary work in a variety of media in galleries and spaces nationally and internationally.


Property Partner: The Wellington Company

 The Wellington Company was established in 1990 and has been a major player in the redevelopment of Wellington city's urban environments and historic places. The company initiated the residential redevelopment of inner city Wellington and took a major role in the resurgence of Wellington's Cuba quarter. Major projects include Willis CentralConservation House and the  Hannah's Block. Directors Ian Cassels and Caitlin Taylor began developing property in Wellington in the early 1990s, concentrating on rejuvenating the pre-1960 buildings that the city had discarded and disowned long ago. For more information go to

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