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Urban Dream Brokerage panelists, Wellington Town Hall 2012. Image: Lance Cash.

Letting Space have experience nationally in offering the following services to artists, local authorities and arts organisations.


We provide advice in engaging participation in how innovative cultural and community projects might help the development process for a city. Letting Space are able to demonstrate how art can work in innovative new ways, with engaging participatory projects that see people rethink the role creativity has in urban planning.

Workshop programmes

In a structured workshop with diverse stakeholders we look at issues around a city's urban vitality and sustainability as a living space, responding to changes in retail, residential and community needs, and the potential for art and community driven projects to lead to wider redevelopment and public involvement. Previous workshops in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Lower Hutt and Whangarei have worked in a 2-3 hour model.

Making Dreams Realty Events

Facilitating the generation of new creative ideas for urban revitalisation through public events that see the development and presentation of dream projects from artists, property owners and community groups. Previous Urban Dream Brokerage pitching sessions have been held to full houses at City Gallery Wellington and the Wellington Town Hall.

Arts Development and Mentoring

For artists and arts organisations we offer structured mentoring sessions in project and funding development and media relations.

Art and Media Events Development and Management

Project management and curation of events that engage a diverse public and seek to increase public space and lead to social change.

Public Art Policy, Strategy and Consultation

We have experience working with local authorities and cultural organisations in the scoping and development of public art policy, strategy and public stakeholder consultation.


For enquiries please contact Helen Kirlew Smith at