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All components of Please Give Generously are for sale, with all proceeds to go to Auckland City Mission by contacting us here. The 36 different components in the cabinet are for sale separately with a fixed price of $40. By contributing $40 one of these pieces will be given to you at random. Collection of the work will be from JWT on Saturday 10th of May between 11am and 2pm. View the works online here

All three Imperial Lane wallworks are for sale by silent auction with a starting price of $300. "Big Mac Plz" "Any Spare notes" or "Any spare change" The highest bid as at 5pm, 1 May 2014, International Labour Day, will receive the work bid on. View the works online here.

Please Give Generously
Judy Darragh

13 December 2013 - 2 May 2014

A commission by JWT Advertising

Imperial Lane and Level Two, Imperial Building, 44 Queen Street, Auckland

What are the best ways to support each other? How best to embody generosity? These questions lie at the heart of a commissioned work from Judy Darragh opening in the lead-up to Christmas. 

Following her habitual use of found materials, for Please Give Generously Judy Darragh has utilised pre-made begging signs, purchased from people on Queen Street Auckland. These will be on display in Imperial Lane. Upstairs in the JWT offices the work continues in the JWT boardroom cabinet. The works are for sale, with all proceeds to go to charity Auckland City Mission. 

Darragh’s Please Give Generously is the first in a series of artworks that cross between public and private space, and the worlds of contemporary art and advertising. This series is a commission of public art producers Letting Space by advertising company JWT.

Judy Darragh’s Please Give Generously’s cabinet component presents a china cabinet filled with found objects to create a contemporary still life.  Bowls and other receptacles are presented at different heights, held up by eccentric wriggling supports adorned by visual motifs that whimsically evoke the human body.

Darragh likens the act of giving to ‘a helping hand’ and providing ‘a foot in the door’. Given a foot in the door by JWT, the public are welcomed at specified hours to visit the offices. This work will also be viewable from the outside alleyway and restaurant.

The still life genre in art has often used the motif of bowls and vessels full of the earth’s bounty to represent the spirit of living, generosity and the “fruits of our labour”. In Darragh’s work the bowls themselves are empty. How should these be filled and, ultimately how we should show generosity to others?

A recent bylaw has been passed that allow beggars who are considered a nuisance or intimidating to be moved on from Auckland’s streets.

Imperial Lane, a newly created public accessway is on the ground floor of the Imperial Building, a heritage site recently given a $12 million dollar revitalisation for owners Phillimore Properties. This space, whilst privately controlled is a public thoroughfare. 

One wall of the lane becomes a site for the second aspect of Darragh’s work: enlarged reproductions of three signs Darragh has acquired.

Evoking both the gallery and the advertising display, as requests from absent figures, they give quiet pause for thought about how we advertise for assistance for those in need, says Letting Space's Mark Amery.

JWT has commissioned Letting Space to create three works for its offices 2013-2014.  JWT’s manifesto includes a desire to go beyond advertising to make a positive contribution to daily life and be the ‘antidote to indifference’.

Letting Space creates art projects in public space that aim to lead to positive social change by commissioning artists working in innovative ways as part of the fabric of our cities and communities.

The commissioned work is for sale with all proceeds going towards Auckland city Mission - see Make an Offer panel on the right.

Opening hours for Please Give Generously:

Imperial Lane – Open Monday to Friday from 7.30am until late. Saturday and Sundays from 9am to 3pm

JWT office hours of viewing 9am - 5pm. Please ask at front desk. If board room occupied work is still viewable from alleyway oputside.


Project team

Judy Darragh with Letting Space (Sophie Jerram, Mark Amery and Harry Silver)

JWT (Cleve Cameron and Kirsten Brown)