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Moodbank Wynyard
Vanessa Crowe 

Karanga Plaza, Corner of Jelicoe and Halsey Streets, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland

25 March - 4 May 2015

Increasingly businesses are discovering commercial value in ļ¬nding out how happy we are. But what about the full diversity and rich complexity of our moods - how do you really feel? Welcome to a new kind of banking service – one with mood rather than money as its currency.

Visitors, workers and residents of the Wynyard Quarter are invited to deposit their mood at a Moodbank ATM located at the Information Kiosk in Karanga Plaza. It provides users with an index of over 1000 moods to select from, allows them to view the Quarter’s mood trends, and make a deposit into a group account with account statements.

In sight of the ASB head offices, Moodbank explores the potentials and pitfalls of digital connectivity and the role machines now play in our sharing of feelings and experiences. It validates all moods rather than just those that are deemed valuable in consumer culture, proposing a social rather than economic form of exchange.

Moodbank Wynyard follows a hugely successful pop-up Moodbank branch that opened in Wellington in March 2014, the space for which was brokered by Letting Space's Urban Dream Brokerage. This saw over 2000 mood deposits made in ten days.

Moodbank Wynyard aims to provoke debate regarding what emotions are considered appropriate, and our culture’s privileging of happiness. By mimicking and subverting the aesthetics of a bank, Moodbank draws attention to the processes in which our feelings become commercially valuable, while proposing a social rather than an economic form of exchange. 

Wynyard Quarter is one of the largest urban regeneration projects in New Zealand outside of Christchurch. Successful public spaces depend on diversity, and Moodbank Wynyard aims to recognise and open out discussion on the diversity of the public's moods on the Auckland waterfront.

Moodbank Wynyard is presented with the generous assistance of Waterfront Auckland. Moodbank in Wellington was created by Crowe and Dr Sarah Baker. To find out more on the Moodbank project go to

Vanessa Crowe is a Wellington based artist, designer and educator. Within her practice she has an ongoing interest in revealing humane aspects of everyday life that are often edited out or go unseen in our public life. Vanessa completed a Masters of Fine Arts at Massey University in Wellington in 2008, and her work has been shown in galleries throughout the country including The Govett Brewster, Bartley and Company, The Hirschfeld Gallery, Toi Ponkeke, The Suter, Mahara Gallery and The Blue Oyster. Vanessa teaches in Design at Massey University College of Creative Arts and in the Culture and Context Department at Victoria School of Design and Architecture. For more information see

With thanks to Waterfront Auckland and Moodbank Wynyard Production Coordinator Harry Silver.