Every day something different happened at Shopfront. Here are the events for 8-19 March. Click a link for more information.

Wed 9 March & Thu 10 March: 5-8pm, Video screening.

Fri 11 March: 5-8pm, Friday night takeawaysTake away a cutting for your garden from Suburban Floral Association.

Sat 12 March: 2-6pm, Flowers & Foliage DepotBring in whatever you are willing to cut, trim or prune for us from your garden. Anything that you appreciate, we will –blooms, foliage, cut flowers, shrubs or trees.

6-9pm, WHITE NIGHT Event – Video screening

Sun 13 March: 4pm, Public Talk: Dr Rachel Carley on ceramics, still life and the floral. Plus Afternoon tea.

Mon 14 March: 2-8pm, Video screening 

Tue 15 March: 7pm, Artists Talk 

Wed 16 March: 6.30pm, Public Talk: Anna Miles on the invented and imaginary world of flowers on textiles.

Thu 17 March: 2-8pm, Video screening ‘Driveby’ videos of blooms, flowering shrubs and trees.

Fri 18 March: 6-8pm, Flower Arranging WorkshopBring along found and foraged flowers, weeds and plant material, and Lynette Gumm and Priscilla Hunt will show us how to make a bouquet from whatever we collectively bring. 

Sat 19 March: 2-8pm, Video screening

Images of Shopfront > Driveby Screenings and Installation