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  • Urban revitalisation through community engagement
  • Art and media projects that increase public space and lead to social change
  • Public art and revitalisation advice and planning
  • Help establishing collective sharing environments
  • Brokering the use of vacant urban space


“Letting Space are undertaking rare and important work that has the capacity to both generate social transformation under the guise of contemporary art, and in so doing assist in the transformation of the norms of contemporary art itself.”

Blair French, Artspace Sydney, and Curator Scape 2013

LETTING SPACE seeks to transform the relationship between artists, the public and their environments to enable social change.

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, we have commissioned and curated over a dozen major art projects nationally since 2010, and run the Urban Dream Brokerage since 2013, which has enabled over 60 innovative projects in vacant retail spaces in Wellington, Porirua and Dunedin.

We empower artists to be courageous as agents of change. We create programmes that transform the way we treat urban spaces as living spaces. 

"In what is arguably the toughest game in the visual arts, they make important things happen in the complex and contested public realm. From Kim Paton’s extraordinary Free Store to the recent TEZA project, Letting Space have activated a range of communities to think and reflect on what a dynamic and critically informed public sphere might/should/could be. They are incredible enablers and there is no organisation like it in New Zealand or Australia."

Professor David Cross, Deakin University, Melbourne.

LETTING SPACE asks the public to become engaged in art as participants. Through creative provocations and partnerships, we treat art as part of the social fabric, providing impetus for change in our cities and communities. We engage the public in the vitality of installation and performance-based art practice outside the gallery.

We commission leading contemporary New Zealand artists, and also provide advisory and curatorial services for urban revitalisation and public art programmes.

"In New Zealand there is a growing desire for art that questions the roles of consumption and the excesses of globalisation at the same time as offering a focus on the local and the tactical. Letting Space have led the way with exhibitions and workshops and interventions that have already made a critical difference to the way that systems of exchange and reciprocity are understood.”

Su Ballard, Art writer and lecturer University of Wollongong

"Letting Space has consistently delivered an innovative and genre-changing programme of public art that has reshaped the workings of the city, and the role artists can find within it. The use of vacated commercial buildings as the site of engagement between artists, their audience and the public commons was a masterstroke that has led to the creation of what will be remembered as some of the most important art projects staged in Wellington over recent times.”

Aaron Lister, Curator, City Gallery Wellington

LETTING SPACE is governed by the Wellington Independent Arts Trust. Click here for more details.